Video: South African National WHO EMF Report 2022 – Debriefing Webinar Part 3

Link to the report:

Report chaired and presented by: James C Lech

Committee members 2022: page 43-44 of the report


0:00 Solutions: Update from Energy-flux Models to Photon-flux Models; NASA Human Research Program

1:42 VW Dieselgate; Cellular Phonegate

2:58 One photon excites one electron explanation

3:42 Poor oxygen in a deuterium enriched room results in an inability to process photons or light correctly from the environment (or internally).

3:56 Blue light: information processed differently

5:00 Broken window theory: improve medical services and facilities

6:40 IV solutions; deutenomics

7:30 Deuterium depleting protocols: cancer; diabetes; auto-immune diseases

8:05 Beach Tennis: Cost effective application of applied medicine 8:54: Surfskating; bringing people together and use nature to heal better

10:05 Breastfeeding- deuterium, milk banks, photonbiomodulation

11:49 Climate Change Model suitable for South African and Sub-Saharan context. Feynman Approach.

13:00 Coal power plants; micro algae; nanobubble generation and carbon sequestration

14:29 Goat and cow milk

15:52 Magnetic Field Drop Zone

18:14 Light, photons drive all biochemistry

19:22 COVID-19 Germ Theory versus Terrain Theory

21:26 Applied science example: cleaning without chemicals

24:12 Deuterium as a GPS marker in nature

25:01 The value of where deuterium is, is already embedded in law

25:34 With biophysics “the answers have changed”

Part 4

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