We offer a range of products designed to help people recognise, detect, and protect themselves against electromagnetic pollution from a wide variety of sources including:

  • Mobile phones, mobile phone masts and DECT cordless phones
  • WiFi, wireless games consoles and computers/laptops
  • Power lines, substations and smart meters
  • House wiring faults, and household appliances
  • Dirty electricity (DE) from CFL lamps, induction hobs and solar power installations
  • Radon and other ionising radiation sources

We sell and hire out instruments to measure electromagnetic field  exposure from sources such as electricity substations and transformers, powerlines and mobile phone masts, and offer a number of protective shielding solutions for those who find themselves highly exposed.

RadAware RD1 Personal RF/microwave exposure alarm

Get Early warning of when you are being exposed (you will be surprised how often you are)
Do not blindly accept the effectiveness of your shielding products, this detector will prove if they work or not!

The RadAware is designed to be left switched on, monitoring your personal exposure, and alerting you if it rises above your chosen level. It can be left on your desk, but it is also small enough to be carried in a pocket or bag.

Medical professionals can use it on a desktop to monitor adherence to their “switch off all cell phones” sign. Assist your patients in aiming for a healthier lifestyle.

The RD1 alarm automatically monitors for microwave RF exposure and alerts you when you are being exposed. You can choose if you want the sound on or off.

All of us are constantly being exposed to increasing levels of pulsing microwave signals from smart phones and their base stations, WiFi, DECT cordless phones, tablet PCs, games consoles, Smart Meters, supermarket checkout systems, etc. Now we also have the ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT) sources that include most modern fridges, freezers, cookers, washing machines, etc. in your home. These are hidden microwave radiation sources that you will not easily be aware of and it is not practical to continously take readings. The RadAware assists us in leading a lower EMF exposure lifestyle.Take the RadAware on your daily walks and see which lowest radiation route to follow!

Although there are now many meters and monitors that measure RF, there are virtually no sensitive personal RF/microwave exposure alarms. The RadAware RD1 is a welcome addition.
It is thousands of times more sensitive and detects more than twice the frequency range of other RF alarms we have seen,including those currently planned for 5G over the next few years. The designers of the the RadAware used their 25 years experience of EMF/RF measurements and research in creating this product.

NEW Acoustimeter (AM11)

Acoustimeter (AM11)

The Acousticom 2

DE2 Filter