Video: South African National WHO EMF Report 2022 – Debriefing Webinar Part 2

Link to the report:

Report chaired and presented by: James C Lech

Committee members 2022: page 43-44 of the report

0:00 Novel curricula; training of doctors; improvements of medical services

0:28 Sub-molecular medical sciences; sub-molecular agricultural sciences

1:15 Ivan Culjak; science diplomacy

2:06 Vit D increase without supplements

2:35 Deuteronomistic History

3:17 Charles Collins, Together We Grow Campaign

5:12 Energy Flux versus Photon Flux model; Mushrooms

7:53 “Cold Joy”

9:25 Shark Safe Barrier

10:11 Use nature to apply medical treatments

10:33 La Reunion

10:46 Useful systems for the National Health Insurance Act

10:56 “Our Domain” South East Amsterdam

11:04 Library Study

13:21 Hospital ICT department

15:17 Cinema

16:07 Canal project

18:15 Schools – brain myelination; growth and development

20:18 Keynote to interventions (Batho Pele: putting people first)

22:05 5G, Wi-Fi, cell towers

25:39 Night Sky, Satellites

26:19 Energy Flux versus Photon Flux model

27:01 Energy, photons, light interact with cells and water to change the effect

27:18 Nanobubbles

29:16 New public initiatives, same questions different answers

This video is followed by part 3:

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