EMR Surveys

[Cape Peninsula] including power and radio frequencies, dirty electricity and Radon.

Survey reports and recommendations

Survey reports and recommendations

Hire of measuring equipment

Hire of measuring equipment for self-help and interpretation of results

Powerpoint Presentations

Powerpoint Presentations for interest groups such a residents associations, body corporates, businesses etc.

Education – Schools, Families & Corporate

Step-by-step very affordable online courses to give you a solid foundation on the dangers of wireless technology and how you can use technology more safely.


Online consultations hosted by a knowledgeable EMFSA team member, during the week or over weekends.


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Consultation focus areas:

  • EMFIS recovery and rehabilitation
  • Disability claims
  • Policy development
  • EMF geospatial modelling
  • Medical
  • Legal procedures
  • EMF Hygiene
  • Coaching & rehabilitation: gaining control and order over your EMFIS
  • Integration into society as best as possible
  • Public talks

Durban Associate: Daniel Barbeau
Contact EMFSA Head Office 021 554 2008

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