Blue Light Blocking Glasses


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How do I use blue light blocking glasses during the day?

Blue Free day Lenses are for anyone who spends time indoors in artificial light during the day, especially students, employees, office workers, hospital workers, video gamers, and anyone who works on a computer screen or uses screen devices. Our day lenses reduce the most damaging blue light emission from LED lighting, fluorescent lighting, and screen devices, by approximately 42%. This reduction balances out the color spectrum found in artificial lighting, rendering it far less harmful, protecting your eyesight and light-driven hormones, such as cortisol and melatonin, from damage.


How do I use blue light blocking glasses at night?

When the sun sets, put on your blue-blocking night glasses. For best results wear them consistently from sunset until sleep. If you get up at night and use light, be sure to wear your glasses or change the lighting in your house to utilize only natural light during the day, and red incandescent bulbs at night. Even brief exposure to artificial light can disrupt our internal clock. If you wake before sunrise, be sure to wear your night glasses until sunrise.

Blue Free Optical also offers prescription lenses.

What good are blue light filtering glasses if they hinder your ability to see? That’s why Blue Free Optical offers complete blue spectrum filtering, in prescriptions to fit any need.