Video: South African National WHO EMF Report 2022 – Debriefing Webinar Part 4

Link to the report:

Report chaired and presented by: James C Lech

Committee members 2022: page 43-44 of the report


0:00 Legislative Updates (continued); NASA Human Research Program

0:24 Cell towers; Legal Accountability; Guideline versus a Standard

2:25 Promotion of Equality Act; Telecommunications Act

3:21 When the data is available: 3D images; how is the signal hitting a building; localized hotspots; impact on potential person in area

5:31 “no signal” claims

5:43 Municipalities are required to check the information (Eric van Rongen; Dr Emilie van Deventer)

8:48 Equality Court

10:33 Concluding: committee members (South African and international)

11:45 Parliament; moving forward step by step; working together on solutions

14:00 Dr Pierre van der Merwe

18:40 Professor Anna Coutsoudis

22:02 Question discussion: Auditory Effect; EU Directive

Part 5:

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