Update: Heathfield mast, Cape Town, South Africa – Telkom appeals to the Constitutional Court


Image: Heathfield mast Image credit: EMFSA

Image: Gavin Joe, Deon de Wet, Kay Wentzel, Kevin Southgate and Peter Gordon at the cell mast in Fourth Road. Image credit constantiabergbulletin

23 October 2019

Telkom has launched an appeal to the Constitutional Court and as such the City of Cape Town is not able to act on the Supreme Court of Appeal judgment until the Constitutional Court has finally pronounced on the matter.


Cape Town, South Africa: Illegal Heathfield Mast – Activists Fought Injustice

CITY OF CAPE TOWN 1 OCTOBER 2019 MEDIA RELEASE City victorious in cellphone mast case against Telkom

Telkom loses court appeal over location of cellphone masts in Western Cape

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