Somerset council blocks 5G roll out until ‘Government can prove its safe’


Councillors support public outcry to refuse 5G until proven safe to humans and the environment.

By Dave Lewis

  • 13:08, 21 OCT 2019
  • UPDATED 14:30, 21 OCT 2019

Shepton Mallet will not see 5G rolled out in the foreseeable future after the council blocked the idea over apparent health concerns.

At a town development and planning meeting held on October 8 Shepton Mallet Town Council decided to delay any decision on 5G coming to the area.

The move, called a precautionary principle, was made following a presentation by five members of the public voicing their concerns over the deployment of 5G technology, which is an upgrade on mobile phone signal allowing people to achieve must faster download speeds.

Without further studies and evidence, it was agreed by the council to be ‘cautious and request evidence’ before going ahead.

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