UK 5G Judicial Review: High Court Judgement


The judge has ruled in favor of the government.

Date of judgment 8 March 2023.

We note (as per the judgment):

•”A judicial review is not an appropriate vehicle for determining contested scientific material”

•”Not a case in which the High Court should intervene in respect of a decision that involves issues of technical scientific judgment.”

•”The government has adopted a precautionary approach in its messaging. Although it believes 5G is safe, out of an abundance of caution and on conservative principles it has suggested that those who are worried could, for example unplug the router at night, or not sleep with their mobile phone by their bed and to use their device further away from their body.”

•“Finally, I observe that the individual complaints of adverse health effects may give rise to private law claims for personal injury if those concerned are able to obtain the necessary medical and scientific evidence on causation, and identify appropriate defendants. This may be a more appropriate route than a judicial review and human rights claim, but, of course, that is a matter on which the claimants should seek their own legal advice.” (Lang J)”


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