Video: South African National WHO EMF Report 2022 – Debriefing Webinar Part 5

Link to the report:

Report chaired and presented by: James C Lech

Committee members 2022: page 43-44 of the report


0:00 Change the environment

2:28 Change to photon flux model

2:50 Change the light then RF part easier to deal with

5:07 Misinterpretation of guidelines

7:57 Energy flux model thinking

8:48 Satellites

10:46 Amazing solutions found when environment improves

11:45 Cold Joy; feeling better leads to change

13:02 Laws in place; Equality Act

13:39 Change the environment to get better; Nobel Prize Awards; General scientific consensus

15:26 Standards versus Guidelines; WHO and ICNIRP do not have standards, only guidelines

14:41 Monitoring; enforcement

17:40 Issues with authoritative bodies

19:48 ‘WHO says”; “government says”

20:38 Low energy metabolism; neurochemistry; understanding of a message

21:20 Nobel Prizes; general scientific consensus

23:00 Diplomacy; working together

27:00 You cannot change a person, you can grow a person by influencing their development

27:43 Drive starts from the local community

30:34 Professor Anna Coutsoudis

32:10 Luc Montagnier; Doug Wallace; Prof. Himla Soodyall

Continued in Part 6

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