Occupational Health
Position on the Health Effects from Radio Frequency/Microwave (RF/MW) Radiation in Fire Department Facilities from Base Stations for Antennas and Towers for the Conduction of Cell Phone Transmissions: The International Association of Fire Fighters’ position on locating cell towers commercial wireless infrastructure on fire department facilities, as adopted by its membership in August 2004 (1),...
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Case-control study on occupational exposure to extremely low-frequency electromagnetic fields and glioma risk Michael Carlberg MSc, Tarmo Koppel PhD Candidate, Mikko Ahonen PhD, Lennart Hardell MD, PhD, Prof. Abstract Background Exposure to extremely low-frequency electromagnetic fields (ELF-EMF) was in 2002 classified as a possible human carcinogen, Group 2B, by the International Agency for Research on Cancer at WHO....
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