Spain’s Supreme Court considers an employee’s retinal detachment while working in front of his computer to be an occupational accident.

Via Reti-Care www.reticare.comSpain’s high court gives the reason of a work-related accident for an employee while working as an administrative at a Social Security office in Spain.

The decision was established by the Supreme Court in Spain, after studying the case of a Social Security administrative, who suffered a retinal detachment suddenly, while she was in front of the computer screen at her workplace.

The first court attempts in Galicia (region, north of Spain) declared that the causal relationship between screens and the detachment of the retina of the employee cannot be proven because there is no previous reference of medical literature. However, an appeal by an employee to the Supreme Court concluded that her employer, the National Institute of Social Security (INSS), needs to demonstrate that there is no relationship between screens and her injury. Starting from this premise, the Supreme Court declared that not having a reference of medical history is not enough of a reason that this is not an occupational accident. The high court assessed the appeal for the unification of the doctrine presented by the worker and considered the detachment of the retina suffered by the Social Security employee as an occupational accident, while working in front of the computer.

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