Poland: Krakow Leads the World in Responsible Control of Electromagnetic Fields

Krakow’s citizens to be trained to measure exposure to EMFs
Krakow, Poland leads the world in responsible control of EMFs
by John Weigel, posted on WEEP News,
7 January 2017

KRAKOW – The International Forum on Protection from Electromagnetic Environmental Pollution subtitled “Right to Information for Citizens” learned Monday in the 16th Century Krakow Hall of Sessions that responsible government, professional scientific advice and citizen participation can address the runaway explosion of electromagnetic radiation that is causing disease and death to as many as 200 million worldwide.

The two major initiatives addressed the issue of inappropriate zoning issures surrounding the location of communications masts and a program where electromagnetic monitoring equipment is to be made available to citizens to allow them to measure levels of electromagnetic radiation.

In talks by both Stawomir Mazurek, Under Secretary of State with the Polish Ministry of Environment, and Krzysztof Kwiatkowski, whose brief as head of the Supreme Audit office argued for transparency and tight zoning regulations. Both men noted dedication to avoiding the opportunity for corruption.

“Without access to information, we can neither fight threats nor avoid them,” said Prof. Jacek Majchrowski, historian, who opened the forum. Majchrowski is the first Polish mayor ever voted in by popular ballot. . “Protection against the harmful effects of electromagnetic fields is a very hot topic.” He said. “2016 seems to be a breakthrough in this field, including – thanks to the enormous commitment of the social side, thanks to activists, as well as the local government of Krakow.”

Majchrowski also noted that for several years Krakow (as in the rest of the world) residents protested location of new stations of mobile telephony and increasing power antennas, thus being exposed to increased emissions of artificial electromagnetic field (EMF). Starting in 2012, the councillors of the City of Krakow passed three resolutions on the issue to the highest authorities of the Republic of Poland and then took concrete action. A budget has been allocated for the purchase of modern equipment to measure electromagnetic fields. A Municipal Centre for Dialogue has been established where citizens can visit and discuss how they are being affected by electromagnetic radiation.
The Forum Initiative was spearheaded by two women, City Councillor Marta Patena, a secondary school teacher, and Dr. Barbara Galdzinska-Calik, vice president of the James Clerk Maxwell Institute and an expert on EMFs. Patena and Galdzinska-Calik are also participants in the drive for a European Citizens’ Initiative to limit radiation exposure from the multitude of sources of microwave radiation.

According to Cllr, Patena, “The forum is the first of a proposed annual – and therefore regular – meeting in Krakow City Council, which will be presented with corrective action and innovation to improve the standard of living of the inhabitants of Krakow due to electromagnetic fields.
“Keep in mind,” said Patena, “that the public has a right to full information about the state of the environment in which he lives. This ensures a number of legal instruments: EU and national, including the Aarhus Convention, the Directive of the European Parliament on public access to environmental information, the Environmental Protection Law and the Constitution, in particular Article 74 Everyone has the right to information on the state and protection of the environment.”
Patena’s explanation is in direct contradiction to the response of municipalities and governments around the world, making Krakow a frontrunner in addressing the issue of harm from electromagnetic / microwave communications emissions.

Dr. Galdzinska-Calik holds a PhD in economics with postgraduate studies in the field of Environmental and Occupational Health and Safety. She stands at the front line as the link between citizens and government in twice-monthly consultation sessions with people who are concerned about the effects of electromagnetic radiation on their health. Her involvement parallels the experience of British activist Eileen O’Connor ! “We lived in a place with three big BTSs & neighbours were dying. We survived, but our daughter has become EHS.” A BTS is a base transceiver station which is the hardware for wireless communications, cell phones and the GSM (Global System for Mobile communication).
For her, the purpose of the forum is simply “to Inform and to show Krakow’s activities concerning EMF pollution.”

Expert testimony in support of Krakow’s activities was provided by Sissel Halmoy of Norway as president of the International EMF Alliance. Halmoy to the group, “In 1985 I was hospitalised for 14 days in an emergency unit, a total collapse with unknown condition”. She was diagnosed with a virus infection of the brain. After three months she returned to work and immediately suffered a severe headache and it was discovered that her office was built over an electrical transformer. “It was not a virus infection of the brain. It was radiation sickness,” she said. ”I was ‘lucky’, my doctor couldn´t help, but my boss was an electro engineer. He understood and he helped me.”

The International EMF Alliance (IEMFA) is supported by more than 50 independent and empirically-based scientific experts on living processes – with a multilevel, multidisciplinary health focus and collaborates with more than 100 leading life-science institutions and non-governmental organizations worldwide. ,
Further scientific evidence was provided by Prof. Olle Johansson, of the Karolinska Institute, Stockholm, and Prof. Dr. hab Wlodzimierz Klonowski.

Prof. Johansson discussed The Adverse Health Effects of Modern Electromagnetic Fields from Wireless Telecommunication and Prof. Klonowski discussed Non-thermal Interactions of EMFs with Organisms.

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Source: WEEP News, 7 January 2017:

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