Alzheimer’s, ICNIRP & 5G: Report from the Science & Wireless 2016, Melbourne, Australia

The take-away message from the Science and Wireless 2016:

RF-EMF exposures affect beta-amyloid proteins in brains of transgenic mice.
Effect on beta-amyloid protein is caused by non-thermal mechanism.
It is still unclear whether observed beneficial effects of RF-EMF in transgenic mice will apply to human AD
ICNIRP stubbornly disregards all evidence concerning non-thermal effects of RF-EMF (ICNIRP’s acceptance of the existence of non-thermal effects would invalidate current safety limits)

ICNIRP, arbitrarily, without plausible scientific evidence, places skin among the less important parts of body that can be more exposed to RF-EMF. Skin should not be allowed to be placed by ICNIRP in the ‘limbs’ group of organs because this will allow the 5G technology to market devices with higher radiation exposure, irrespective of the proximity of these devices to human body – all energy of 5G device will be absorbed solely by the skin.

Implementation of 5G technology goes fast ahead in spite of the complete lack of science on the 5G effects on skin biology.

The Precautionary Principle is completely disregarded by the ICNIRP and industry.

See link for more: Alzheimer’s, ICNIRP & 5G: Report from the Science & Wireless 2016, Melbourne, Australia

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