How hackers are weaponizing artificial intelligence

9 September 2020

  • Cybercrime is a lucrative activity and one that’s getting easier to enter
  • Threats are becoming more widespread and sophisticated, attackers are increasingly leaning on AI to bypass security systems 

In an age where everything is becoming connected and data is regarded as a business’s most valuable commodity, cybersecurity continues to diversify in a hyper-competitive marketplace. 

Set to hit a worth of US$248 billion by 2023, the prosperity of the sector is down to the constant growth and mutations of cyberthreats, which every year demands higher caliber weaponry with either better precision or a wider spread. 

Cybercrime, today, is where the money is. The tools to enact it are widely available even to non-technical individuals. Anyone can get their hands on exploit kits of varying levels of sophistication, starting from a couple of hundred bucks, right up to tens of thousands. 

A report by Business Insider revealed that a hacker seeding ransomware this way could make around US$84K a month on average

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