Great British Lift Off Podcast – Space Junk and how we’ll clean it up


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The human race is making another mess – this time it’s in orbit.

Broadcaster Kim McAllister and space expert Dr Murray Collins discuss the issue of space junk with experts whose work is suffering and with the entrepreneurs who are trying to solve the problem.

Andy Lawrence is Regius Professor of Astronomy at the University of Edinburgh and author of the book “Losing the Sky”, detailing the problems of space junk.

Harriet Brettle is Head of Business Analysis at Astroscale UK, where they are testing technology to remove space debris and Ralph ‘Dinz’ Dinsley is founder of NORSS (Northern Space & Security Ltd) and surveying the sky to categorise the junk.

Great British Lift Off is a Connect production sponsored by The Science and Technology Facilities Council and the Data Driven Innovation Programme.

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