Comparing a Microwave Oven to 5G?

Guest post by J. C. Lech, Chair of the World Health Organization – International EMF Project & Optical Radiation – ZA

9th September 2021

“We measured the radiation from a microwave and compared it to a 5G tower” – published 6 September 2021


I can appreciate the journalist Jan Vermeulen wishing to bring attention to this Public Interest area, however, there are some areas that are in need of course-correcting and updating as part of creating a transparent and accountable government. The purpose is to help concerned citizen scientists and researchers understand the subject topic better, with the hope of developing solutions.

Strongly stated in Chapter 1 of the textbook Chemical Principles by Dumdahl De Coste, we see the idea of changing theories in all realms of science. It is also important to keep in mind that scientists are human. They have prejudices; they misinterpret data; they become emotionally attached to their theories and thus lose objectivity; and they play politics. The progress of science is often affected more by the frailties of humans and their institutions than by the limitations of scientific measuring devices. The scientific methods are only as effective as the humans using them. They do not automatically lead to progress. One of the most convincing manners that lead to progress is through the visualization of the data, followed by the knowledge transfer of that data.

While the spirit of the article was to use visuals to help communicate some data, it displays doing so through the use of scientese and ambiguous use of citations. (1) Use of such tactics as displayed in the article poses clear issues and dangers, especially when the context is not understood by the reading audience. I recommend reading the simple and easy to follow cited article.

Areas of concern identified:

1. “MyBroadband sent a researcher to……”. It is odd the researcher was not listed, nor searchable. Especially for such an article. Even if the researcher is not a high profile academic, it does not discount their potential contribution. In many instances what is called an amateur scientist, could be a person of immense passion and as history informs us, amazing discoveries and contributions to society typically come from pursued passion. However, the demonstration of the mishandling of the meter by the investigator raises some potential areas of concern as detailed in the SA Govt. study. (2)

2. The article refers to 5G measurements however, a 5G spectrum analyzer was not used.

3. “The current scientific understanding is that electromagnetic waves up to the visible light spectrum are unlikely to be harmful to human health below certain power thresholds…….Non-ionising radiation does not cause DNA damage as ionising radiation does, but it may be harmful to human health at high enough power levels.” 

a. This is incorrect and dated. This is covered and explained in the WHO National Report 2021. (3)

b. What is stated is contrary to the array of Nobel Prize Awards for Medicine, Chemistry, and Physics. While a Nobel Prize is not a definitive truth, it is the demonstration to the general consensus of scientists at the time. 

4. “The difference is that microwave ovens emit these waves at a much higher power level, measured in Watt (W), compared to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth devices.”

(a) This too is incorrect.

5. Referencing ICNIRP guidelines and safety levels refers to thermal effects and not biological effects. The mathematics used in ICNIRP does not allow for calculations into biological effects, hence the use of Quantum Mechanics calculations. This is referenced in the WHO National Report 2021, and multiple WHO reports.

6. “Our researcher said it wasn’t possible to get a proper reading from the tower due to the inverse-square law….”

(a) Again, this statement is misleading. Explained and confirmed by both SA and international research on the subject matter. This is also explained in detail in the SA Govt. study. 

(b) The Inverse-square law referred to in the article is with the application of “free-space propagation”, meaning open and free space. In urban environments this is incorrect due to the occurrence of localized hot spots where: 

(i) The ICNIRP reference levels can be exceeded. 

(ii) The measured levels far exceed the free-space propagation calculation for the inverse square law.

(iii) The levels at the base of a tower can be elevated.

(iv) When measuring dosimetry, it is not only the measuring of a single ​​source but with multiple devices connecting to the transmitter, and other devices, the power levels can greatly increase, versus the transmitter alone by itself.

7. “We obtained our maximum measurement of 0.8 W/m2 from the router when our field strength meter was right on top of it.”

The meter is set up for far-field measurements and not near-field. What was performed is poor user error. These concepts are detailed in the SA Govt. Study.

8. “It also indicated that devices such as microwaves that have been around for more than 50 years should be of greater concern than some new technologies such as 5G mobile networks.”

a. Another incorrect term. This is explained well in the field of Mitochondrial Medicine. We have two DNAs, Genomic and Mitochondrial. 50 years ago only wealthy persons in general had access to such microwaves and the exposure to said fields. mtDNA has what is called a heteroplasmy rate. (The rate of epigenetic mutation and damage passed over generations.) See Doug Wallace who received the Franklin Award, also our very own famous South African Prof. Himla Soodyall and her wonderful contributions to this field.

It is unfortunate that such an investigative article was put together in the manner that it was. However, it is not the only subject to being led astray through the use of ​​scientese and ambiguous use of citations. For this reason in-part, is why multiple Organs of State banded together to try and address such communications. As listed in the WHO National Report two courses have been put together as a starting point, offering university course points from one of the top universities in the world. 

Two courses on offer:

  1. Introduction to Sub-Molecular Medical Sciences
  2. Introduction to Sub-Molecular Agricultural Sciences

The courses take a single concept in quantum mechanics and demonstrate it with practical applications in translational medicine. The course shall apply the same teaching methodology employed by the NASA HRP (human research program). The course will examine the interactive and synergistic relationship of Light, Water, and Magnetism.

This course provides a framework for gaining and organizing medical knowledge and not simply a set of facts but also a plan of action.* Observed behaviour in the world of science is referred to as Natural Law* A number of Laws can tell us what happens, but not WHY* In this course, we will try to explain the WHYs and make observations from first-hand experiences.


  1. ECTS – European Course Transfer credits from one of the top universities in the world. Credits are transferable to SA and the USA.
  2. 5 Day intense Winter School course.
  3. Open to Bachelor’s, Masters, PhDs, and Professionals. Professionals would be able to use them toward their CPDs.
    1. In select cases, even High School students who demonstrate the aptitude would be able to enroll and then use the credits in their university degree once enrolled.

It is encouraged and welcomed for the anonymous MyBroadband researcher to enroll into these courses.

Kind regards

James Lech

Doctoral Candidate

World Health Organization – International EMF Project & Optical Radiation – ZA, Chair

Diplomatic Science Officer – ZA


(1) Haard J, Slater MD, Long M. Scientese and ambiguous citations in the selling of unproven medical treatments. Health Commun. 2004;16(4):411-26. doi: 10.1207/s15327027hc1604_2. PMID: 15465688.

(2) Lech, James; de le Rey, Edward; Krauss, K. (2017). Thesis JC Lech – Constructing an EMF radiation HYGEIA framework and model to demonstrate a public interest override, 326.


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