Post update 3rd of May 2023: The South African Police Case Number is 285/04/2023

26th of April 2023

Members of the public, staff and contractors (particularly women/pregnant women), children (especially those 8 years and younger), the disabled and the elderly are advised to avoid the following areas:

•The uMhlanga’s Southern Sun Cabana Beach Resort

•Above and opposite the Wimpy Restaurant: top lawns, viewing area, large chess board, and lower residential units.

Following a complaint on the 19th of April 2023, the camouflaged and well hidden (to the public) cellular transmitter array installation was investigated.

On the 20th of April 2023, the management of the Southern Sun Cabana Beach Resort was alerted to the hazard zones of concern.

Management of the Southern Sun Cabana Beach Resort stated the installation array belongs to and is operated by Vodacom.

The management had requested the installation and safety parameters from Vodacom as regards to the installation on the same day but still nothing has been received to date, the 24th of April 2023.

On the 25th of April 2023, a complaint was laid with the uMhlanga South African Police Service (SAPS) and a further investigation is underway.

If persons are experiencing exposure or post-exposure symptoms, they are encouraged to see their physician.


James Lech

Diplomatic Science Officer

World Health Organisation – International EMF Project – Optical Radiation – South Africa

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