Cell Tower at the Full Gospel Church Parklands,Cape Town,South Africa

A cell phone tower was recently erected on the grounds of the Full Gospel Church in Parklands, a suburb of Cape Town, South Africa.

The approval from the Municipal Planning Tribunal merely allowed for the church and a place of instruction, not a cell mast. There was no application for this cell mast and there was no public participation. In light of lack of approval from the City of Cape Town and the absence of any public participation whatsoever, the residents would like to have this mast removed as soon as possible.

There should have been a proper application followed by a public particpation process. Because the proper procedures were not followed, public objections to an unlawfully erected tower have preceded what should have been an application. Anyone involved in the construction of a cell tower are well aware of the proper procedure, so ignorance does not apply here.

Apart from the houses surrounding the Church, there is also a daycare directly across the road.

The surrounding residents are adamant that a slap on the wrist and a fine will not suffice. Neither will an application for a tower that is already in place. This tower has to come down, and soon.

Councillor Nicky Rheeder (Ward 107), on behalf of residents, has requested intervention from the City of Cape Town to have this tower removed.
The residents are demanding a demolition order.

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