The life and contributions of Prof. Serge Daan, behavioural biologist

University of Groningen

This video paints the life and scientific contributions of Professor Serge Daan (1940-2018). Daan was an inspiring biologist with a broad interest in science. He started as professor at the University of Groningen in 1975. His publications were cited over 17,000 times and include seminal work in chronobiology, sleep research, psychiatry, physiology, ecology and behavioural biology. The ‘Two Process Model’ of human sleep regulation he developed with Alex Borbély and Domien Beersma, still inspires many sleep researchers all over the world. He was awarded several prizes and awards, including the prestigious International Prize for Biology, which he received from the Emperor of Japan.

Production: University of Groningen, Heddema Communications

For more about the life and work of Professor Serge Daan:

Prof Daan:

In physics you ask how come?, in biology you ask how, but also why.”

Biologists have the real experimental and analytical approaches.”

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