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For readers new to the topic:

EHS: Electrohypersensitivity

EMFIS: Electromagnetic Field Intolerance Syndrome

With increasing electromagnetic Hypersensitivity (EHS), various health disorders are prevalent among people using smart wireless devices for a prolonged time.”

Our comment on the above quote:

The impression is often given that it is only radiofrequency radiation that is an issue as far as EHS/EMFIS is concerned.

This is not the case. Some very basic additional factors (there is much more to this topic) that need to be taken into account: 

•Low frequency electric and magnetic fields: house wiring, appliances, lights, power lines, substations, etc.

•High frequency voltage transients generated by some electric / electronic devices.

•Lack of exposure to sunrise and natural outside light (where the shielding itself has turned the homes into Faraday Cages). These individuals will not recover.

•Exposure to indoors artificial light of erroneous wavelengths during daytime and after sunset.

•Lack of making contact with the earth, not through artificial earthing methods but through being outside and physically making contact with the earth (bare feet on wet sand or grass).

•Misguided use of supplements and treatments, as well as polypharma.

“a prolonged time”?

The statement “Using wireless technology for a prolonged time in order to develop EHS” is not correct.” It depends on the mitochondrial health of each individual and what their personal “fishbowl” environment looks like. 

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