Video: South African National WHO EMF Report 2022 – Debriefing Webinar Part 1

Jul 17, 2022

Link to the report:


3:12 Light

3:53 Batho Pele Principles

4:06 Nelson Mandela

4:03 Government is not an Ivory Tower

5:02 Nelson Mandela

6:06 “The Answers Have Changed”

7:43 Johnny Clegg

10:32 Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Mpilo Tutu

11:20 John Paul II, Einstein and the Vatican

13:35 Biophysics, Biology and Quantum Biology

15:07 Luc Montagnier

16:09 Epigenetics; Franklin Award; Douglas Wallace; Professor Himla Soodyall


21:19 Equality Court: working together towards amicable, practical solutions

23:18 SA is required to submit an annual national report

24:32 The involvement of many government departments, not just one.

28:58 SA is part of the international advisory committee

29:56 Public citizen science and accelerated learning

Part 2:

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