03/10/2019 Article translated from German. Extracts only. Link to original article in German: https://www.oedp.de/aktuelles/pressemitteilungen/newsdetails/news/5g-gesundheitsrisiken-und-vorsorgeprinzip/?fbclid=IwAR1HY1dgMxuq4o1JQg7ayc9SpdwNqZCgBYlDtU15Dub0fYv4zCcAu7GP6PY (Brussels / 03.10.2019) While the European Commission is preparing to publish a 5G risk assessment on cybersecurity, MEPs Philippe Lamberts, Klaus Buchner and Michèle Rivasi (Green Group / EFA) condemn the blatant lack of biological and environmental studies on 5G radiation...
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