Facial Recognition
Source: https://www.forbes.com/sites/kalevleetaru/2019/08/06/we-need-to-better-educate-the-public-about-ais-limitations/#51266eb260bb by Kalev Leetaru Excerpts Deep learning’s magic-like capabilities mask its very real limitations. To the general public, AI systems stand poised to sweep aside humanity itself, with algorithms replacing human workers and killer robots ready to run amok. Policymakers rush to consider legislation for self-aware machines, the future of capitalism in a job-free world...
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Source: https://reallifemag.com/the-algorithmic-colonization-of-africa/ Abeba Birhane July 18, 2019 Abeba Birhane is a PhD candidate in Cognitive Science at University College Dublin. Her interdisciplinary research, which intersects between embodied cognition, digital technology studies, and critical data science, explores the dynamic and reciprocal relationships between individuals, society and digital technologies. She is a contributor to Aeon Magazine and blogs regularly about cognition, AI, ethics...
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