Source: https://actu.fr/enquetes/ondes-et-champs-electromagnetiques/enquete-champs-ondes-electromagnetiques-nouveau-scandale-environnemental_28886281.html?fbclid=IwAR1XKLtreNI_GoirawrbkK9LF1GQVFpVr8__KHZO4erdY11ykaJgCC5owi8 Original article in French. 4 Nov 19 at 17:21 Excerpts: Farmers are accusing electromagnetic radiation of high voltage lines, wind turbines or relay antennas killing their animals. Hundreds of cows die , give no more milk, develop signs of dementia and no longer resist disease. Calves born with malformations . Rabbits that die by the thousands. Pigs who refuse...
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