Samsung issues 6G vision in new white paper

Samsung Research has published a 6G white paper, outlining the company’s vision on the next generation of mobile technology. The paper describes Samsung’s view of how 6G may be developed into the next mobile technology standard, with mass adoption expected from around 2030.

The research group expects 6G to enable novel applications such as immersive extended reality, based on significant performance improvements over 5G. New technology concepts that may be incorporated into 6G include native AI and the use of extremely high radio frequencies.

Samsung expects 6G commercialisation from 2028 and mass adoption from around 2030. The company’s research unit views 6G as the technology platform enabling innovative services including immersive extended reality (XR), high-fidelity mobile holograms and digital replicas. The paper formulates three requirements for the technology, as well as a number of technology concepts that could be integrated with 6G.


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