Robotics cyber security: vulnerabilities, attacks, countermeasures, and recommendations

Yaacoub JA, Noura HN, Salman O, Chehab A. Robotics cyber security: vulnerabilities, attacks, countermeasures, and recommendations. International Journal of Information Security. 2021 Mar:1-44. DOI: 10.1007/s10207-021-00545-8.


The recent digital revolution led robots to become integrated more than ever into different domains such as agricultural, medical, industrial, military, police (law enforcement), and logistics. Robots are devoted to serve, facilitate, and enhance the human life. However, many incidents have been occurring, leading to serious injuries and devastating impacts such as the unnecessary loss of human lives. Unintended accidents will always take place, but the ones caused by malicious attacks represent a very challenging issue. This includes maliciously hijacking and controlling robots and causing serious economic and financial losses. This paper reviews the main security vulnerabilities, threats, risks, and their impacts, and the main security attacks within the robotics domain. In this context, different approaches and recommendations are presented in order to enhance and improve the security level of robotic systems such as multi-factor device/user authentication schemes, in addition to multi-factor cryptographic algorithms. We also review the recently presented security solutions for robotic systems.

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