Letter to the Editor—Lifesaving Therapy Inhibition by Phones Containing Magnets

Joshua C. Greenberg, Mahmoud R. Altawil, Gurjit Singh,
Letter to the Editor—Lifesaving Therapy Inhibition by Phones Containing Magnets, Heart Rhythm, 2021, ISSN 1547-5271,


We hereby report an important public health issue concerning the newer-generation iPhone 12, which potentially can inhibit lifesaving therapy in a patient, particularly when the phone is carried in an upper chest pocket. Contemporary studies have shown minimal risk of electromagnetic interference from ICDs and older-generation smartphones not having a magnetic array.2,3 A recent case report highlighted magnetic interference from a fitness tracker wrist band that deactivated an ICD up to distances of 2.4 cm.4 The Apple Inc. website does mention magnetic interference with medical devices and consultations with physicians and medical device manufacturers.5 Medical device manufacturers and implanting physicians should remain vigilant about making patients aware of this significant interaction of the iPhone 12 and other smart wearables with their cardiac implantable electronic devices.


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