Issue Of Sustainability On Light Pollution From The Perspective Of Maqasid Shariah

Muhamad Syazwan Faid, Mohd Nawawi, M. S. A. ., & Mohd Paidi Norman. (2021). Issue Of Sustainability On Light Pollution From The Perspective Of Maqasid Shariah. Journal of Fatwa Management and Research26(2), 1-9.


In the growing tension of discussing human development, sustainability is endorsed as the answer to providing a just and balanced resolution. A notion of sustaining one field is defined as the notion to preserve and conserve the available resources for the sake of current and future consumption. However, there are many regards to sustainability, particularly one interpreted by the Brundtland commission, to be ambiguous and inoperative. An ambiguous concept of sustainability leads to mismanaged city development and urban growth that overlooks the danger of light pollution, which adversely affects human welfare. Given this phenomenon, this paper seeks to examine the dangers of light pollution under the framework Islamic Jurisprudence Principle of Maqasid Shariah. To draw parameters on how this concept could be well adopted in sustain light pollution, the elements and principles embedded in this holistic concept shall then appraised. This study adopts a qualitative method based on content and doctrinal analysis in reviewing and analyzing relevant documents, commission, and other literary work. The study shows that framing the dangers of light pollution, Maqasid Shariah covers a more comprehensive, including the perseveration of human life, intellectual, progeny and property. This study further submits and considers the extent to which the recommendations drawn from this study would enhance the understanding of light pollution threat amongst the city planner, economic player, and policymaker, thereby mitigating and reducing the light pollution crisis.

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