BfS International workshop: Impact of electric, magnetic and electromagnetic fields on oxidative stress – February 2022

Federal Office for Radiation Protection (BfS):

Publication date: 24-Mar-2023

In Germany, the expansion of the power grid and the construction of several new high-voltage lines across the country are a result of the switch to renewable energy sources. In addition, the new 5G mobile communications standard and the introduction of digital technologies in almost all scenarios of daily life are imminent. This leads to changed exposure conditions of the population and the environment to electric, magnetic and electromagnetic fields (EMF) of all frequency ranges. As a result, public concern about possible health effects from EMF could increase. In scientific and public debates, oxidative stress is often postulated as an EMF-induced mechanism affecting biological systems. The term oxidative stress describes the imbalance between the production of reactive (oxidizing) chemical species and the breakdown of such chemical species by antioxidant defense mechanisms. The WHO has commissioned several systematic reviews dealing with possible health effects of radiofrequency electromagnetic fields. One of these systematic reviews addresses the topic of radiofrequency fields and biomarkers for oxidative stress. As part of the international workshop, the current state of research was comprehensively examined with international experts in a three-day event in order to approach the topic from different scientific perspectives, identify gaps in knowledge and, where necessary, initiate new research.

PDF of the meeting:

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