Please note:

Enquire from your insurance company – are you insured against developing adverse health effects from exposure to electromagnetic radiation?

Check with your medical aid – will it cover you in the event of developing adverse health effects?

For instance: ask if you will be protected in the event of you developing Electrohypersensitivity(EHS)/Electromagnetic Field Intolerance Syndrome (EMFIS).

1. Click on the link below to access the pdf (more extensive and updated information is available from EMFSA upon request).

Cell Phone Tower Objections Template

2. Dear Resident – Information:

Consider this before you grant permission for a telecommunications company to erect a cell tower in your   community:

Each tower may have more than one antenna set, each antenna set will cover 360 degrees for full coverage.

Once the tower has been installed –

You will not be able to have it removed.

You will have no say about the cellular service providers that use these towers, or about what equipment they install within or outside of the towers, or future additions.

Each tower will emit pulse modulated radiofrequency radiation, specifically microwave and millimeter-wave radiation, 24 hours a day, every day and night, forever.

The radiation is designed to penetrate into every room in your home. The radiation levels to which you might be  subjected to could be biologically unsafe. Whereas you are able to switch off your own devices at night the tower radiation is 24/7.

Radiofrequency radiation has been linked, by numerous international biomedical research studies, to a broad range of health consequences. Some examples are sleep disruption, headaches, ringing in the ears, fatigue, loss of concentration, memory, or learning ability, disorientation, dizziness, or loss of balance. Studies have also indicated increased risk of cancer.

Everyone is vulnerable to harm from radiofrequency radiation, including pregnant women and their unborn children, babies, teenagers, adults, seniors, the chronically ill, the disabled, those in remission from cancer and those fighting cancer. No consideration will be given to which of these sensitive individuals is present in your community, or to where these cell towers are located relative to them. Nor will any effort be made to track any health problems that may surface in your community after the installation of both macro and small cell towers, (including  numerous 4G and 5G small cells that will be deployed on lampposts, security poles and other street furniture in the public right of way.)

While medical organizations, like the National Institutes of Health, must control the exposure of humans to toxins, without a thorough ethics review, no similar prohibition exists for telecommunications companies.

You will have a difficult time proving that the cell tower radiation did harm you, even if it has, because the symptoms of such harm are highly varied and differ from individual to individual.

Also, you will undoubtedly be exposed to radiation from other sources, those sources most likely from within your home so it will be hard for you to prove that it was cell tower radiation that was at fault. The telecom companies will  try to deflect responsibility to others, perhaps even to government agencies, and to the government officials who approved the locating of the cell tower in your community.

If you try to get insurance protection against any harm to your health from the radiation, you will be turned down because the underwriters of insurance are increasingly aware of the health risks of radiofrequency radiation and may not be willing to back the insurance carriers.

If you try to get medical care for any harm that the radiation has caused you, you will find that the medical profession is not yet trained to address this type of harm.  As a result, the profession may have no remedies for you other than treating the symptoms.

Even if you move to avoid the radiation, you may find that the harm done to you may not be fully reversible. And, when you do move, you may find that the value of your home is less than you expected. Given these circumstances, consider carefully if you would like to volunteer yourself and your family for exposure to the radiofrequency radiation from  cell towers.

Submission to the Department of Health, South Africa – EMF National Report 2108/2019

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