A 21st century classroom must bridge the digital divide so that all students are engaged with technology. Best Practices for schools allows for full technological access in the classroom while minimizing health risk so that schools and safe technology can work together. In this article by the Environmental Health Trust:
Solutions Exist
Tips for Safer Tech in Schools
View/Download Resources for Schools
What resources can I share with friends so they can educate themselves about this issue?
Several organizations have developed best practices for schools. Several teacher unions and governments have as well.
What materials detail simple steps that families can take at home to reduce exposures?
What resources can I share with my pediatrician?
Where can I learn more about the science?
I am concerned about all the screentime in school. Where can I learn more about the impact of screens and social media on children’s development?
What are experts recommending to schools about wireless radiation?

Wi-Fi In Schools, Wireless Radiation Health Impacts and Practical Solutions

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