Misguided use of jammers to counter radiation

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•A jammer itself emits radiation!

•The use of jammers is illegal.

Sourced from ANFR Surveys and Investigations (auto translated).

ANFR survey – Fighting evil with evil?


A sad case of a person (who considers himself  Electrohypersensitive):

The person used a jammer for “therapeutic purposes” and outfitted his entire apartment with metallic tapestries, hoping to make it into a Faraday cage.

He believed that his symptoms disappeared each time he settled down next to his jammer and that he slept much better.

The jammer’s electromagnetic emissions were particularly strong in the apartment and the man did not realize that his homemade shielding produced multiple echoes and… hindered the exit of the radiation.

The Faraday cage was imperfect and the jammer powerful enough, since it was still responding to the transmitting antenna located several hundred meters away!

In the end 4 jammers were confiscated and the individual received a fine.

The ANFR investigations – The teeth, the jammer and to bed!


A case of a jammer that had been installed by a father to prevent his teenagers from accessing the internet with their smartphone instead of falling asleep. His children had indeed become addicted to social networks and other applications, in particular since the confinement imposed due to the epidemic of Covid-19. After consulting forums on the internet, the father decided that a jammer was the best solution to put an end to these excesses.

A radical solution, but above all illegal and… disproportionate. The jammer’s effect reached far beyond the house. He seriously disrupted all telephone and mobile internet in the area around his home, depriving not only his children but also his neighbours, the inhabitants of his municipality and the neighboring municipality of a good mobile connection! By wanting to ban the internet in his home, he applied the same sentence to his entire neighborhood.

This father faces legal proceedings: the illicit possession and use of a jammer, both subject to a criminal penalty of up to 6 months imprisonment and €30,000 fine, plus an intervention fee of 450 euros.

What is a wave jammer?

A jammer is a radio transmitter designed to jam, disrupt or block radio communication signals or services. In general, it acts by emitting stronger signals than the useful signals, on the targeted frequency band. The useful signals are then no longer detected by the receivers.

The radius of the action of jammers is often wider than what one thinks or what the seller suggests. The scope of the equipment is never limited to a small space, such as a room or a vehicle.

For example, a jammer used in a classroom to prevent students from using their laptops can disrupt the mobile telephone networks of an entire neighborhood! Similarly, a GPS jammer used by an employee who wants to stop being geolocated by his employer can disrupt planes flying at an altitude of 2,000 m or parked at 500 m. The use of a jammer constitutes deliberate and offensive interference with the radio spectrum.

The scenario described above by the ANFR is not so far fetched. We receive enquiries from people looking to safeguard themselves with the use of jammers. We point out the facts and hope some information has sunk in and that common sense prevails.

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