The International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection: Conflicts of interest, corporate capture and the push for 5G

June 18, 2020

Auto translated from German.

Klaus Buchner
Michèle Rivasi

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An ICNIRP (International Committee on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection) study was published today, commissioned by Michèle Rivasi and Prof. Klaus Buchner, two MEPs from France and Germany.

The result of this report is a scandal: Germany, like most countries in the western world, claims that radio radiation is harmless as long as it is below the limit values ​​that ICNIRP has proposed. This is done in the belief that ICNIRP members are independent scientists who are free from conflicts of interest.

The Rivasi-Buchner report, on the other hand, shows that ICNIRP eV is a private association registered in Munich. ICNIRP has numerous close ties to the mobile communications industry: Most of its members have accepted money from the industry for their cellular research. The association also “fully considered” the suggestions of ICES in its proposals for the limit values. (“ICNIRP has delayed finalizing their conclusions to give full consideration of ICES’s recommendations”.) ICES is an American association that is also purely private and is closely linked to the mobile phone industry, especially Motorola. ICNIRP eV resides rent-free in the Federal Office for Radiation Protection.

Conveniently, the scientific secretary of the office also takes over the secretarial work of ICNIRP eV. In order to make the “harmless” claims of the radiation plausible, ICNIRP eV ignores the vast majority of scientific research in this area by claiming that critical studies would not meet the requirements for scientific quality. ICNIRP eV does this even if they have been published in the most prestigious scientific journals [1].

Prof. Buchner: “This is reminiscent of the trivialization of asbestos, where it has also been claimed for years that it is harmless. The health damage caused by radio radiation has been scientifically investigated since 1932 [2]. The governments of most western countries, on the other hand, have ignored the scientific results and have followed a group of industry-related ‘scientists’. They have given the health effects too little thought. ”

The Rivasi-Buchner report should have consequences for the limit values, the legislation for the construction of cell phone masts and thus also for the expansion of 5G – a question that will soon be dealt with with in the Federal Constitutional Court.

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