The City of Ravensburg’s 5G model includes zones or rooms with reduced radiation exposure for Electrohypersensitives.

The City of Ravensburg in Germany decided this week to provide zones or rooms with reduced radiation exposure for electrosensitive people as part of their 5G Digitization Strategy.

In addition the 5G model will be accompanied by health monitoring.

The City should be congratulated on being proactive. We hope that other cities and municipalities worldwide will follow suit.

18.02.2019 Digitization strategy of the city of Ravensburg
5G Model of the Ravensburg municipality:
  • The city of Ravensburg is proactively turning into a 5G model municipality.
  •  The project should be accompanied scientifically and medically to investigate the effects of radiation exposure.
  • Furthermore, zones or rooms with reduced radiation exposure are to be created for electrosensitive people.

A new mobile communications concept will be developed for these measures.

Target group: Citizens, business, science, administration

Source: Sitzungsvorlage (1)

*EMFSA would like to thank the group ELSE (Electrosensitivity International) for supplying the information  and for their assistance in creating this post.

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