The City of Oviedo, Spain: Councils of Environment and Education launch educational campaign for school children about electromagnetic pollution and addiction


March 18, 2019

Excerpts (translated from Spanish):

The Department of Urbanism and Environment of the City of Oviedo (through the Municipal School of Sustainability) and Department of Education (through the Municipal School of Health) in collaboration with the Platform Against Electromagnetic Pollution (PECCEM), will develop several activities to raise awareness of the health effects of electromagnetic pollution and addiction to new technologies.

The Town Planning Councilor, Ignacio Fernández Del Páramo; Mónica Sánchez, from the Platform Against Electromagnetic Pollution (PACCEM) and José Luis Peralta, from the Municipal School of Health, presented  the “Follow the Good Wave” campaign, about the safer use (more intelligent) way of using newer technologies. The campaign has three main axes: For 5th and 6th grade Primary schools with recommendations on rational use (brochures will be distributed in schools) as well as making this information available to parents. There will also be two talks. The first was held on March 19th with  speakers Rubén García and Lennart Koch ( members of PECCEM).

The second talk, ‘Lights and shadows of the Internet: tips for parents 3.0’, by the psychologist Joaquín González Cabrera, will take place on April 2, at 5:00 pm, at the CP Poeta Ángel González, La Corredoria, Oviedo. Mayor Del Páramo:  “The idea is to educate the little ones in the use of new technologies and also the adult public.

Monica Sanchez (PECCEM) wanted to “thank the City Council for the involvement with this campaign. We are not against the Internet but I am in favor of minimizing the possible risks, especially in children. This campaign is done in a positive way –  proposing good practices to be aware of when giving children a mobile device.

The councilor has also referred to current affairs. An audio of the press conference and the statements of the mayor can be found at

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