Telstra’s 5G navigator Kim Krogh Andersen cool under fire

By Supratim Adhikari and Zoe Samios

August 24, 2020

Telstra’s latest senior recruit Kim Krogh Andersen has endured a baptism of fire since joining the telco – from a devastating bushfire season to the COVID-19 pandemic. And things are about to get even hotter for him.

As the man put in charge of Telstra’s product and technology roadmap, Anderson’s decisions could be decisive in shaping what the telco looks like a couple of years from now, and whether the billions of dollars being invested by Telstra into ultrafast 5G mobile technology are going to be worth it.


Andersen admits that it will take some time before the full potential of 5G is made visible to the general public. Driverless cars, flocks of AI drones and the wholesale intrusion of sensors will have to wait for now.

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