Switzerland – Federal Council does not want to relax limit values ​​for radiation exposure

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The Swiss Federal Council does not want to relax the limit values ​​for radiation exposure. This was decided on Wednesday after a discussion on how to continue using 5G mobile technology. Parliament has twice refused to relax the limit values.

The working group “Mobile Communications and Radiation” set up by the federal government was unable to agree on a joint recommendation last year. The Federal Council is now maintaining the current plant limits to protect the population from non-ionizing radiation.

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Mobile telephony and 5G: the Federal Council decides what to do next

Bern, 04.22.2020 – Mobile telephony, especially 5G, can play a crucial role in digitization. 5G makes it possible to transmit increased amounts of data faster and more efficiently. However, the development of the 5G network is met with reluctance. In this context, the Federal Council defined, on April 22, 2020, the continuation of the procedure in the matter. DETEC must write an implementation aid for the processing of new adaptive antennas. It will also have to implement the support measures proposed in the report of the “Mobile telephony and radiation” working group. The Federal Council does not currently intend to modify the limit values ​​aimed at protecting the population from non-ionizing radiation (NIR).

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Swiss maintain 5G emission standards amid safety concerns:


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