SuperDads – Advocate Carlo Viljoen on Cell Towers

Adv. Carlo Viljoen is an advocate with the Independent Bar. He is independent for a reason. He does not like bullies and he is a practical learned specialist in the law. His unique skills were develop through years of not being able to attend formal training like the majority of his co-workers in the legal profession. Rather, due to life choices and circumstances, he had to learn his skills on the job. In doing so, his success has made him uniquely skilled in being able to apply and evolve the law in a manner limited are able to.

A former SAPS – Senior Sergeant. He specialized in the International Drug Trade along with the detection and prosecution of corrupt police officials. Clearly a man with bulletproof skin and strong faith that has God’s angel wings help protect and guide him.

He is now called from across the country to help communities battle against the illegal and or unfair erection of cellular masts.

His email is: carlo [ @ ] resolutionlaw [ . ] co [ . ] za


ep 15 – SuperDads – Advocate Carlo Viljoen – Advocate on Cell Towers

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