18th October 2018

Prof. Paul Héroux is Professor of Toxicology and Health Effects of Electromagnetism at the McGill University. Faculty of Medicine (Department of Surgery, McGill University Health Center and InVitroPlus Laboratory).

His area of expertise:

General toxicology, in vitro toxicology of metals.

Health effects of electricity and electromagnetic fields.

His department website: http://www.invitroplus.mcgill.ca/ 

Available at the above link: Some of Prof Héroux’s  research plus a free textbook and curriculum. (A powerful and compelling read.)

He still has plenty of works not published on the site but they are highlighted in the interview.

In summary:

Prof Héroux developed a Unified Theory of Weak Magnetic Field Action that proposes A Radical New Outlook. His work has been developed, is replicable and is a total eye-opener. I will confess, when I read it months ago, I had to take many double takes because the truth of the data seems totally unbelievable to what industry literature describes. Again, all of this is true and replicable with a standard laboratory.

Additionally, we discuss how research to date has met the deterministic merit requirements for nnEMF to be labelled as a WHO IARC Type 1 carcinogen substance.

We discuss how literature tends to discriminate between non-native electromagnetic fields (nnEMF), blue light, low frequency and high frequency. Essentially, they have something in common and therefore can be lumped together in terms of their biological reaction. In this example, I will refer to how extra-low-frequency magnetic fields interact with unstable molecular structures such as hydrogen bridges, altering the ability of protons to tunnel from one molecule to another. How this plays out in practice is that the reaction rates of certain enzymes can be altered by magnetic fields at very low intensities such as 25 nT, comfortably within the range of everyday exposures. This is replicable easily in biophysics studies (nnEMF although disruptive to the cell), does not increase quickly with field intensity (power density), and drives an adaptation of the cell to the radiation. Metabolism is altered because one enzyme, ATP Synthase, is particularly vulnerable: the ratio between glycolysis and redox metabolism is changed. The mechanism also extends to RF frequencies, implicating all broadcasting and radiating telecommunications systems. Hence, why nnEMF impacts chronic disease rates such as cancer, obesity diabetes, neurological disorders and autoimmune diseases (basically everything epigenetic).

The simpler explanation:

We are taught to believe 100% that everything is tied to diet and exercise. However, it is exactly the opposite. We are taught to think about obesity as excess calories. Yet, when using Albert Einstein’s equations, and in this example E = MC2 (number 2 must be super scripted), when reading his equation in reverse, it says obesity is a disease of a loss of electrons. Stop thinking of food as carbs, proteins, and fats, and instead think of them as electrons that move protons across membranes in cells. The brain is a quantum computer and processes food as such.

Think of your body as a car, if it were a Porche, what is more important, ensuring how the car performing under the hood or worrying if 93 or 95 octane is going into it? nnEMFs puts your car’s performance and function out of whack.

Additionally, with genetic tests into nnEMF reactions to the body, a 2014 study by De Luca et al. found a large percentage of the population lacking the enzyme to detox nnEMF effectively, and even with those that do, persons would have different efficiency rates.

Based on the above, there is a syndrome of symptoms and diseases experienced by the population with the associated score of Neolithic diseases. Quantum biology uses the principles of physics to explain the biological processes. This is demonstrable when using mitigation options from the understanding of biophysics that results are very noticeable. For example, being able to lose 35kg in 3 months without any exercise and calorie counting, or seeing massive improvements in diabetes or thyroid issues.

The problems with nnEMF exposures is that it is not like engineering where we can flick off a switch and therefore the problem. The effects can be permanent and evident. A well-conducted epidemiology study in California assessed pregnant mothers with exposures greater than 2.5 millGauss.

The results showed:

  3 times increased risk incidence for, miscarriage, asthma in offspring, ADHD, abnormal thyroid function

  5 times increased the risk of obesity in offspring. 

However, the WHO IARC assessment found the incidence of childhood leukaemia in as low as 1 mG.

Super Dads – Prof. Paul Héroux


Note to our readers: EMFSA added the video below to the notes about the podcast.

Dr. Paul Heroux Testifies at Michigan’s 5G Small Cell Tower Legislation Hearing October 4, 2018


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