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Matt Maruca:

Matt Maruca is a student, entrepreneur, and teacher of optimal human health, and the Founder of Ra Optics, his first company to share information and create products that teach people to build health in the modern world.

Ra Optics is focused specifically on Blue Light Blocking Glasses to protect our sleep/wake cycle, melatonin, repair quality, mitochondria, energy levels, and health from toxic artificial lighting. He travels and has met with some of the leading researchers of quantum biology. He is 19 years old.”

Don’t let the age fool you. He has been studying this stuff as a prodigal child. Why, because nnEMF had him against the wall already in a petri dish where he was conceived. He went from being anemic, sickly and in immense pain, to turning the tides around.

He didn’t let his conception circumstances and other people decide his future, he decided on his habits and those habits decided his futures (yes, it is plural, a quantum mechanics joke).

One of his product offerings is unique as it supplies not only blue blockers for daytime wear but night-time as well. This is incredibly important for children, students and working professionals.

In the show, we discuss the “Light Diet”. A definitely worth-while listen. Women, survival and simple success that many else can follow.

What I love about Matt, is his untainted ability to explain the mitochondria in such a simple and easy to follow manner.

His personal site:

Ra Optics Website | Instagram | Facebook

Additional links discussed in the show

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  • Going Somewhere by Andrew Marino




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Super Dads – Matt Maruca

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Matt Maruca on Lessons from Dr Jack Kruse

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