Stuttgart – Doctors protest against 5G

Demo at the State Ministry in Stuttgart

By Thomas Durchdenwald  October 23, 2019 – 15:15

Article in German.

Extract, loosely translated. For the original article please see:

From tinnitus to cardiac arrhythmias, a group of doctors are  making a strong case for patients who suffer from  electrosmog. Now, about three dozen doctors went to the state ministry.

Cornelia Mästle, a doctor of internal medicine and cardiology from Winterbach: “We call for prevention strategies to protect the population, further research needs and a moratorium on the expansion of 5G mobile communications.

Patients react to electrosmog

Jörg Schmid, a specialist in psychiatry and psychotherapy in Stuttgart: ” We have more and more patients in our practices who are hypersensitive and react to electrosmog.

The clinical picture ranges from headache, tinnitus, difficulty concentrating to arrhythmia. And even if a direct connection between mobile phone radiation and cancer has not been proven, there are now many scientifically sound indications of the cancer-promoting effects of radiation. 5G  may be developed only if its safety is proven, demanded Mästle.

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