Poland to harmonize electromagnetic field levels for 5G development

Poland is “on the last stretch” to implementing legal changes that will make it easier to develop the 5G network in the country, including the necessary infrastructure.

Marek Zagorski, the Polish Minister of Digitization: “We are on the last stretch when it comes to the amendment of the Telecommunications Law, which is to provide frequencies for the 5G network”.

The Polish Digitization Ministry is currently working on a so-called “mega-law”, which aims to simplify investment procedures for the construction of telecommunications infrastructure. It is also set to harmonize acceptable electromagnetic field levels in order to allow for cost-effective 5G development.

Image credit: Slava Bowman Unsplash.com

The International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP) is to relax radio frequency exposure limits to facilitate the deployment of 5G.

5G – Harmonization of Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) Standards Worldwide





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