Phone companies to inform about the dangers of cell phones: an appeal from Bologna, Italy

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June 26, 2018


The City Council approved an agenda citing scientific studies that highlight the health dangers of cell phones. The municipality of Bologna asked telephone companies to inform the public about health risks related to the use of the mobile phone. The Municipal Council yesterday unanimously approved a proposed agenda by Dora P. of  “mixed group-none remains behind.”

In the appeal, there are two scientific studies on the impact of human exposure to the levels of radio-frequency radiation produced by repeaters and transmitters for mobile telephony: that of the Ramazzini institute in Bologna and the United States of the National toxicology program. Despite the differences between the two studies, both “have found statistically significant increases in the development of the same type of very rare malignant tumors of the heart in treated male rats and of the brain in females”, states the appeal.

Therefore, the Council calls on mayor Virginio Merola and the municipality “to take action that includes the Emilia-Romagna region, with the local health authority and relevant institutions, through appropriate communication channels, to launch a public information campaign, so that the city’s population is made aware of the risks using phones inappropriately. ” In addition, the paper proposes to the Mayor to “also get a commitment in this regard from the telephone companies”. 

Consequently, the City Council invites mayor Virginio Merola “to take action that includes the Emilia-Romagna Region, with the ‘Ausl’ and the competent institutions, (through appropriate communication channels) to launch a public information campaign, so that the population citizen is aware of the risks involved in using mobile phones inappropriately. ” In addition, the document proposes to the mayor “to also request a commitment from telephone companies”.

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