Pentagon’s AI center to field new psychological operations tool

WASHINGTON — The Pentagon’s clearinghouse on artificial intelligence is set to deliver a new tool to special operators to conduct psychological operations in near-real time in the information environment.

The tool, called Entropy, is meant to reduce the cognitive burden on personnel performing military information support operations, an official said during a virtual presentation on Sept. 10 during the Department of Defense AI Symposium.

In its simplest form, Entropy, under development by the Joint AI Center, will ingest data streams consisting of both text and video from what the military calls the information environment, or more commonly the internet, and provide the operators with summaries of trends based on the information.

This is what officials described as the passive portion. An active portion, which is still under consideration, would build upon the passive component by taking the topics identified, feeding them into a language model, and downselecting messages for the team to review and score. This would help train the algorithm to improve. This version would also push those messages into the information environment.

Given the pace of information in today’s environment, operators need to be able to ingest content and rapidly respond with counter messages or shaping messages of their own. Entropy seeks to facilitate forces to compete in this dynamic environment in near-real time.

“As we look at the ability to influence and shape in this environment, we’re going to have to have artificial intelligence and machine-learning tools, specifically for information ops that hit a very broad portfolio,” Gen. Richard Clarke, the head of of Special Operations Command, said at the Special Operations Forces Industry Conference in May.

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