Column: The switch to 5G wireless could shut down SOS buttons in millions of cars


The switch to 5G wireless technology could leave millions of older vehicles cut off from emergency services unless manufacturers upgrade systems.(Cadillac)


Telecom companies want people to focus on the benefits of state-of-the-art 5G wireless technology: faster speeds, greater reliability.

But for possibly millions of car owners, the transition to 5G may mean you’ll be losing something you value: your on-board emergency-contact system.

Simi Valley resident Patrick O’Bryan received an email from Lexus the other day notifying him that his 2016 RX 350’s Enform wireless emergency services will be terminated Oct. 31, 2022, as existing 3G technology gives way to 5G.

These services include the emergency-assistance button, automatic collision notification, enhanced roadside assistance, remote engine start, remote door unlock, vehicle finder help and other features.

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