ORSAA Important Disclaimer about Radiation Protection Products

ORSAA`s purpose is to inform consumers on important topics of radiation health and safety. As public awareness increases, so do the number of devices, crystals and pendants claiming to protect users from radiation harm. ORSAA does not recommend or endorse any of these radiation “protection” products.  We advocate for increased awareness of wireless technology and recommend practices for safer use, such as keeping devices away from the body and limiting unnecessary exposure.

If invited, our scientific members are willing, where possible, to talk about the current bio-effects research, outcomes and trends. We publish our findings in scientific journals utilising the ORSAA database as an important source of peer reviewed research to support these findings.  We will speak out on issues of misinformation, research bias and advocate for much stronger consumer advice on wireless mobile devices. We support a precautionary approach with wireless technology, as it is not risk free to health or the environment.  Wherever possible, we favour the use of wired technology rather than wireless in homes, offices, schools, work places etc.


Added comment by EMFSA – for further reading on the topic:

Shielding methods and products against man-made Electromagnetic Fields: Protection versus risk

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