The above paper, besides the useful technical information it provides, seems to contain serious errors:

One of the most serious is that it underestimates the intensity emitted by cell phones which is 10-100 times stronger than that shown in the graphs of the paper.

The correct levels are many times presented in Panagopoulos’ experimental papers.

Image source:  Panagopoulos, Springer

Another serious point is that the authors recommend the use of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth (Table 7), while experts worldwide recommend strictly wired connections for internet, and no use of Bluetooth.

The paper by Naren et al recommends shielded clothing for children and pregnant women.

We advise caution.

In addition:

Panagopoulos-Chrousos-2019-STOTEN (4)

Dr. Dimitris Panagopoulos: Electromagnetic Fields – Health Effects – Mechanism of Action





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