#NoWiFiToys #ThisXMas

#NoWiFiToys #ThisXMas Campaign


This is an awareness campaign aimed at alerting parents to the danger of wireless enabled toys and devices.

Children face a greater risk for bodily damage that results from MWR given off by wireless devices.

The rate of MWR absorption is higher in children than adults because their brain tissues are more absorbent, their skulls are thinner, and their relative size is smaller.

Studies have reported that the bone marrow of children absorbs 10 times more MWR than that of adults.

Belgium, France, India, and other technologically sophisticated governments have passed laws and/or issuing warnings about children’s use of wireless devices.

MWR exposure limits have remained unchanged for over 19 years. Note that Smartphone makers specify the minimum distance from the body that their products must be kept so that legal limits for exposure to MWR aren’t exceeded. For laptop computers and tablets, the minimum distance from the body is 20 cm (about 7.8 inches).

Current exposure limits were set up based on the wrong assumption that tissue damage from overheating is the only potential danger of wireless devices.

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