Autism: All Things Considered

Autism: All Things Considered
December 1, 2016

I’m going to ask you to consider something new that you probably have not heard associated with autism. It is something that I had never considered, something I was completely blind to. So, please, pause for a moment, be as open as you can, and consider this:

What if wireless was a factor in autism?

If this was true, we would expect to see parents in high-tech jobs, with more wireless exposure, having autistic children with more severe symptoms. One research study found that exact link.[1]

We would also expect to find that countries with more advanced high-speed wireless networks and higher levels of exposure to wireless radiation would have higher autism rates. We would expect that South Korea, which has the some of the world’s fastest internet connections and most advanced wireless networks in the world, would also have the highest autism rate in the world, which is, indeed, the case.[2]

If wireless were contributing to the autism epidemic, we would expect to see the physical symptoms of wireless exposure match the known symptoms of autism. Researchers have, in fact, found that the primary biological hallmarks of autism match symptoms associated with wireless and other EMF (electromagnetic field) exposures.[3][4].

Autism researchers have recently found that 68% of autism cases have epigenetic changes that impact brain development.[5] If wireless and EMF were involved, we would find research linking exposure to these to epigenetics changes (how genes are expressed, or turned on and off), and there is research showing that that can, in fact, happen.[6][7]

Finally, we would expect to see health insurance companies, who have tried to avoid paying for autism treatments, also try to avoid paying for any harm caused by wireless and other EMF exposure symptoms. This has, in fact, been the case. The insurance industry listed EMF exposure as one of the highest insurance risks in the world[8] and then Lloyd’s of London dropped coverage for EMF induced illness and declined to comment.[9]

Thank you for being open to considering the role of wireless in autism. I hope you find, as I have, that this invisible and rising part of our environment can have a substantial impact on our lives. The good news is that awareness alone is more than half the battle and exposures can usually be reduced very rapidly. If you’re interested in learning more about autism and wireless safety,see

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